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Vanishing Point II Band


Need more glow in your life? The Vanishing Point II offers the same unique design of suspended superconductor particles with even more glow color combinations to choose from! During the daylight the ring is nothing short of a conversation starter with the unique patterns and materials.  Once the lights go out it really shows off its true colors.  

This ring is as "create your own" as I could make it, millions of combinations available and it's likely that no two will be the same.  Since I can't possibly make each one, you're going to have to use some imagination if you want to stray outside of the styles I have photographed.   Keep an eye on my Instagram as new styles will be posted as they are ordered.

We use the highest grade materials for a lifetime of glow no matter how many times you charge it in the sun!

Primary Glow Color: This will be the color around the edge of the band.

Secondary Glow Color: This will be the portion of the band that contains the superconductor particles. 

Liner Glow Color: This is the inside of the band. 

Liner Day Color: The color of the liner in daylight shows through the clear section of the outer band.

Note: If you choose to add glow to your liner, it will not be as dark and true to color. It will appear opaque. 


These bands are each unique made by hand by me, no one else.  When it comes to the superconductor strands there will absolutely be variations in each and every ring.  Superconductor stands are a combination of shapes and will vary with every band.  I take a lot of time with each customers order to get it right, sometimes making the band two or three times to get the colors that you want and the content and character I am after.  Comfort fit is standard on this style which flares the opening of the bands to allow for the best fit, especially with wider rings.   If you have any preferences PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me and we can make it happen.


It is very important to get sized correctly! Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug so for example; you wear a size 9 in the band you have now and its 4mm wide, you want to get an 8mm wide VP2 band, well you may find a 9.25 or 9.5 to be a better fit in a 9mm or larger band.  Luckily they can be sized up about a half size at no charge, just cover return shipping.  These bands unfortunately CANNOT be sized down.  If you need help deciding the best size, I suggest you visit a local jeweler for sizing then email me and we can get the best size for you in the width you want.  These Vanishing Point bands in the photos have an average width of approximately 10 to 14 millimeters for maximum area of effect.  If you select a thinner band, 5mm to 9mm, the primary glow section will remain the same size and widths will be taken from the clear side.  A 5mm ring may be mostly glow with only a millimeter or two of completely clear and superconductor so GO WIDE, we can always thin it down later!


Green is the absolute brightest followed by Aqua, Blue, White, Orange/Green, Purple, Red.  We all know green, aqua, blue but lets get to know the rest.  Purple needs 5 minutes in direct SUNLIGHT or UV light to charge, flashlights wont work and the charge lasts a few hours. Purple is a strange color, the best way to describe it is that it looks like a blacklight, almost UV Purple that being said, its my favorite glow color hands down. I list Orange as orange/green because after a few minutes the orange color fades and its more of a dim green glow.   Red I would not call a "glow" color because it only glows for a few minutes a dull pink but when exposed to a blacklight it really pops a bright red almost hot pink.   White is a newer color and seems to be about as long lasting as purple, few hours tops.


All glow powder is an off white during the day with the exception of red which appears pinkish.


We suggest our EarthWax ring seal which comes free with all Vanishing Point bands as well as basic care instructions.  The EarthWax does not polish but protects the copper and prevent any patina from forming.  


This ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty, this includes free refinishing for life, just pay shipping.   No Hassle Guaranteed. 

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