The Voronoi Band

Size Guide
PLEASE READ THIS! IF you would like to purchase one please read the paragraphs below! 

The Facts:
Customization is virtually unlimited so I cannot possibly list all options on my website. The price listed is just for the frame with the infill color of your choice and does NOT include Tritium Install.  Please contact me by PRIOR to checkout and we will set up any upgrades that you what you want and get you a personalized quote.
TURNAROUND!: This band is created using 3-D printing technology that is outsourced to a company called @shapeways. This creates a minimum of 15 days before I can even start on your band once you've checked out.
After checkout the minimum turn around time WILL be 30 days. Possibly 40 days depending on the customization options, shipping times, and other unforeseen delays. Tritium will take up to 45 days due to shipping vials from overseas.
If you made it this far, clearly your interested in getting one. First question, How much? Well price is based on the frame size and material. If you want Tritium "installation" it's $149 additional on most bands.
Keep in mind prices for gold and platinum are based on a size 11 ring and will vary with ring size so could be higher or lower than listed. Other metals will be the same price as listed for all sizes.

PRICES: These are all based a metal frame of your choice infilled with acrylic of your choice.  Any ceramic coatings, tritiums, and other upgrades add to the base price listed below.
Metals: Steel, Brass, Bronze ($299). Precious metals: Silver ($369) , Gold 14k ($999 all colors), and of course platinum (starts at $2600)
Customizations add $$ but make it unique, DM or email me for all the details.






Sizing Information

Ring Sizing

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Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug. Getting sized at a jeweler or with a "wide band" sizer will help you decide the best route.
If you need help deciding the best size, I suggest you order our sizer above or visit a local jeweler for sizing 

Soap Sizes Vary, Pricing based on weight.