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The Crappy Little Ring in Sterling Silver

The Crappy Little Ring in Sterling Silver


Pure Sterling Silver

Over the years I've been told in more than one way "I'm not paying that much for a crappy little ring". So when I saw @darriel_caston posting about his experience that led him to the "crappy little knife" I knew what I had to do. After clearing it with Darriel we made the first one in metal. Still working out a few kinks but as you can see we are almost there. The Crappy Little Ring is born from the inspiration of the The Crappy Little Knife and a thank you to those folks who don't appreciate quality and service. This style will be available in all colors of 14k gold as well as sterling silver and bronze. The titanium and steel versions by special order. Credit to @phrostyjawsh for the model and 3d print used in the making.

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