Chunk's Soap All Natural and Organic NOW AVAILABLE!!

Synaptic Band

A seemingly unending network of synapses in our brain seamlessly transferring billions of microscopic bits of information every single second.  Over the last year I have experimented with hundreds of techniques trying to create a Glow Lume that resembles just that and by golly, I think we got it!


Available Colors:

1. Green Glow with Purple Pearl and clear filling

2. Green Glow with Black and clear filling

3. Green Glow with CLEAR ONLY

4. Green Glow with Transparent RED


Because there are so many color options on this one I decided to just offer a few at first and custom a little later on down the road.  We are still working on developing the RED glow version!  Please choose a number below for the drop box above!

Delivery on this style will begin on APRIL 15th!

 *** Upon checkout I will contact you directly to discuss the colors you want to achieve.  Glow is limited to 6 basic colors; Green, blue, aqua, purple, white, orange, and in the future red will be available.

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Sizing Information

Ring Sizing

It's EXTREMELY important to get sized correctly as MOST of our rings cannot be sized down!  We now offer a sizing set that you can and probably should order with your ring.  Once you place the order a sizing set is shipped out ahead of time to confirm all sizing, simply reply to the checkout email or send one directly to  

Click Here to add a Ring Sizer

Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug so for example; currently you wear a size 9 and the band you have now is 4mm wide, you want to get an 10mm wide band, you may find a 9.25 or 9.5 to be a better fit in a 9mm or larger band.  Luckily they can be sized up about a half size at no charge, just cover return shipping.  
Most bands unfortunately CANNOT be sized down.  If you need help deciding the best size, I suggest you visit a local jeweler for sizing then email me and we can get the best size for you in the width you want.

Soap Sizes Vary, Pricing based on weight.