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SuperChunk Band ETCHED Edition


These pure superconductor bands are industrial turned beautiful. They offer a unique style unmatched by other more common jewelry materials. Finding its origins in particle accelerators and MRI machines, this unique blend of niobium and titanium forms an almost organic looking structure when worked into a ring. Etching and polishing leaves a mesmerizing finish which demands attention.

Turnaround Time

Orders will be completed and shipped within 40 days of purchase as each one made by hand specifically for you.  


SuperChunk Bands unfortunately CANNOT be sized down and only sized up about a quarter size depending on the style.  SO it is very important to get sized correctly!  If you need help deciding the best size I suggest you visit a local jeweler to help ensure we get the correct fit.  These Superconductor bands in the main photo have a width of approximately 3 to 6 millimeters.
We offer ANY size 1-16 including half quarter and eighth sizes.  So you can order a "12.25" or a "5.75" for that absolutely perfect fit ring size. Just fill in the size field above.


The Flat band will be the more comfortable choice if you prefer a standard style band in the 6 - 10 millimeter range.  If you like a bit of weight to your ring and like a wide band that makes a statement, go Rounded you won't be disappointed in the slightest.  Comfort fit is standard on this style which flares the opening of the bands to allow for the best fit, especially with wider rings.   If you have any preferences PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me and we can make it happen.  To further customize please email for quotes.  


A blue, purple, gold, fuchsia or bronze color can be added to the filaments in this band for no additional charge just mention the color choice in the checkout notes.  The filaments are normally a gunmetal grey with a mirror shine.


We suggest our EarthWax ring seal which comes free with all SuperChunk bands as well as basic care instructions.  The EarthWax does not polish but protects the copper and prevent any patina from forming.  You may want a patina to form between the titanium filaments which is up to you though it adds a very nice contrast to the ring.


LINER UPGRADES ARE ALWAYS AN OPTION!  These bands have been heavily etched which causes the copper to recede below the surface of the ring and in most cases with proper care will not cause patina.  That being said, contact could occur and would leave a green appearance on your finger when its worn for long periods or in damp conditions.  Our EarthWax that comes with the ring will help with this immensely if used regularly.  The patina green washes off with soap and water but it is completely harmless to leave as it won't hurt you and in fact may help you!  Tons of benefits to wearing pure copper as jewelry, a quick google search will give you tons of good info.


This ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty, this includes free refinishing for life, just pay shipping.   No Hassle Guaranteed. 

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