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SuperChunk Band 60/40 Edition

These pure superconductor bands are industrial turned beautiful. They offer a unique style unmatched by other more common jewelry materials. Superconductor starts as bars or "filaments" of Titanium/Niobium alloy suspended within a pure Copper matrix.  Finding its origins in particle accelerators and MRI machines,  the filaments form an almost organic looking structure when worked into a ring.

Wearing Copper Daily, Please Read:

Direct contact will occur and can leave a discoloration on your finger depending on body chemistry and when its worn for long periods of time in certain conditions.  Our EarthWax seal combined with Weiman Jewelry Wipes will help with this immensely if used regularly.  The patina washes off with soap and water but it is completely harmless to leave as it won't hurt you and in fact may help you!  Tons of benefits to wearing pure copper as jewelry, a quick google search will give you tons of good info. 




The inlay will be based on the ring size and width, smaller width rings will have a thinner inlay.  There are several options for the materials we can use and the types listed are just what I have on hand currently.  The option for choose your own material was added for custom solutions, like carbon fiber, acrylic, glow or some other exotic wood I could get ahold of.  Metals are an option but vary significantly with type so please email me with questions about a bespoke piece with exotic Timascus, Damascus, Mokume, and others.


This treatment etches away the copper that is between the filaments and leaves a 3d effect on the surface.  The surface is heavily polished and softened after the etching procedure and creates a surface unlike anything else.  This process will also help reduce your contact with the copper, should it be an issue.

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