SuperChunk 2.0 Superconductor Ring

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These pure superconductor bands are industrial turned beautiful. They offer a unique style unmatched by other more common jewelry materials. Superconductor starts as bars or "filaments" of Titanium/Niobium alloy suspended within a pure Copper matrix.  Finding its origin in particle accelerators and MRI machines, superconductor is an incredibly rare and expensive material. Ideal for anyone looking for something unique or anyone into technology. 

The pattern in each ring will be unique. 

*Arrives with custom leather pouch, Certificate of Authenticity, EarthWax Ring Seal, and care instructions.

Wearing Copper Daily:

Depending on your body chemistry, direct contact with copper may leave a discoloration on your finger, but this discoloration is harmless and washes off with soap and water.  Our EarthWax seal, which comes complimentary with every ring, will help with this immensely if used regularly.

To prevent this issue altogether, I can line the ring with sterling silver, titanium, zirconium, or gold. 

There are many health of benefits to wearing pure copper jewelry, a quick google search will give you tons of good info. 

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