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Dark Silver Fume Glass Pendant

$35.00 $45.00

Silver Fume Glass Pendant

This incredible pendant is backed in dark Onyx to reveal maximum color and depth to each piece.  These can be created in a variety of sized shapes and colors.

by Joe @earthchunksglass 

 Pure silver is used to create the incredible designs in this series. The blues and teals come alive on a dark background but can easily blend in with a lighter one. The background color will make a big difference in how colorful it appears. This style will come with a braided hemp necklace and leather carrying case, you can always decline the leather case in checkout notes and we will substitute for synthetic pleather.

 Made from Borosilicate glass and annealed for maximum strength.  We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our glass pendants which covers repairs or offers discounts for replacements.

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