Route 91 Las Vegas Memorial Band


Originally I created the set in the photo as a "one of a kind set" with no intention to make any more.  However, when the customer posted a photo is his Facebook group I received a large number of requests and decided to set up this private listing to give some details to those interested.   This band is carved from a solid bar of titanium, each one is created by hand, I take time and care with each one so it will last generations to come.  This being the case, it's not a fast or an easy process but nothing really good ever is.  On average, delivery will take about 35 to 40 days including shipping.  Lastly, we are working on finding a good cause or charity to donate a large portion of the profits to, if you have a suggestion related to the event please feel free to email suggestions


Thank you J. Carpenter


The Show Wristband

 The original rings were created using the wristband from the festival,  approximately 3 inches of the fabric from one side, which was returned to the owner.  To create another like them I will need part of your fabric band for the ring.  If you don't have the wristband or would like to use something else in place of it please let me know by email so I can confirm that it will work.

Materials Options

Ring Core:  The band in the photo are made from Grade 5 Titanium for ultimate strength and durability.  I can however use other materials such as Sterling Silver, Gold, Carbon Fiber, SuperConductor and a variety of exotic lumber.  Please email me if you are interested in customizing,

The Opal

I have several colors of simulated opals available including; pink, white, peacock teal, reddish brown, aqua and of course the original photos are a dark blue and green. 


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Sizing Information

Ring Sizing

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Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug. Getting sized at a jeweler or with a "wide band" sizer will help you decide the best route.
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Soap Sizes Vary, Pricing based on weight.