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TiChunk Timascus Flat Band


The layers in this ring are incredible and make each piece unique like a fingerprint. The Timascus material offers a unique style unmatched by other more common jewelry metals. Titanium Damascus is created by forging together slightly different titanium types in an oxygen free environment.  Unlike traditional Damascus steel this titanium is much lighter weight and exhibits an array of different colors when exposed to high heat and electrical charge.   

*Customize the finish with High polish, brushed, matte, its up to you, contact me by email or DM on instagram to discuss further options.


All bands, unless otherwise specified, have a turnaround time of 40 days or less. 


TiChunk Bands unfortunately CANNOT be sized down and only sized up about a quarter size depending on the style.  SO it is very important to get sized correctly!  If you need help deciding the best size I suggest you visit a local jeweler to help ensure we get the correct fit.  We offer ANY size 1-16 including half quarter and eighth sizes.  So you can order a "12.15" or a "5.85" for that absolutely perfect fit ring size.


This is the Flat band style, will be the more comfortable choice if you prefer a standard style band in the 6 - 10 millimeter range.  Comfort fit is standard on this style which flares the opening of the bands to allow for the best fit, especially with wider rings.   If you have any preferences PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me and we can make it happen.


A multitude of colors can be applied to this style band. If you would like, I will email you when I get to your order and we can discuss exactly what you would like to see.


This ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty, this includes free refinishing for life, just pay shipping.
No Hassle Guaranteed.

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