Harpy Eagle

The Harpy Eagle Series displays an aggressive monochromatic camouflage inspired by of one of the largest eagles in the world. These giant eagles tip the scales at nearly 25 pounds and have a wing span average of 6.5 feet!  They fierce predators prey on monkeys and sloths!  So, don't monkey around! Let this band inspire you to fly higher and seize what it is you're after in life! 

This band features four distinct phases.

Exact patterns will vary slightly! Each ring will be made to order in the size and width you select. Turnaround time is about 3 weeks, sometimes sooner.

Ring Sizer available from the drop down menu above and is shipped out ahead of time.  Just send us an email when you get the sizer and figure out what size you need.


This ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty, this includes free refinishing for life, just pay shipping.  
No Hassle Guaranteed. 


    Sizing Information

    Ring Sizing

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    Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug. Getting sized at a jeweler or with a "wide band" sizer will help you decide the best route.
    If you need help deciding the best size, I suggest you order our sizer above or visit a local jeweler for sizing 

    Soap Sizes Vary, Pricing based on weight.