CoffeeChunks Band

CoffeeChunks Rings are created from the same acrylic material as SurfChunks but with added Coffee!  These bands are strongly scented at first then have a unique "scratch and sniff" that will bring back the coffee scent.  Best stored with fresh coffee beans and sealed with plain beeswax EarthWax.  We have three styles; "plain black coffee" very dark like the main photo, "Heavy Cream" which is light Tan with dark flecks, and "Splash of Creme" which is more of a creme brown.  These bands are very durable and extremely lightweight!  

Coffee Types Available

Any brand you'd like, just name it!  If its exotic, you may need to send some to me.  If you don't care what kind I use as long as it smells like coffee I'll use whatever brand I am drinking that day, usually Marley Brand, One Love or Buffalo Soldier.


Delivery times may vary based on the specific brew you selects availability and how long it takes me to aquire it.  Please review the Current Turnaround Times in the Menu or email for more info.


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