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Goldstone & Amazonite Earth Chunks Series

Goldstone & Amazonite Earth Chunks Series


Goldstone & Amazonite

Amazonite (sometimes called "Amazon stone") is a green variety of microcline feldspar. The name is taken from that of the Amazon River, from which certain green stones were formerly obtained, but it is doubtful whether green feldspar occurs in the Amazon area. Amazonite is a mineral of limited occurrence.
Goldstone is a type of glittering glass made in a low-oxygen reducing atmosphere. The finished product can take a smooth polish and be carved into beads, figurines, or other artifacts suitable for semiprecious stone, and in fact goldstone is often mistaken for or misrepresented as a natural material.
Earth Chunks Series band is custom fit to your specs any size and width we can easily make a ladies style thin band just mention it in the checkout notes.  Made from Grade 5 Titanium with a thick overlay of crushed minerals in clear suspension with glow below.
If you need help deciding the best size I suggest you visit a local jeweler to help ensure we get the correct fit.  To specify details on the width and thickness just email us earthchunks@gmail.com or leave a note at checkout,  otherwise we make sure they are proportionate but make a statement so they may be a millimeter or two wider than you're used to with normal rings.
The ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty as well as free polishing for life, just pay shipping.