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Glowing Labyrinth Band Collaboration

$350.00 $600.00

Glowing Labyrinth 

It started out as a maze Derek at Additive Defense sketched on paper.  He then used 3d modeling software to wrap the pattern around a ring and had a 3D model printed up and then cast it in .925 Sterling Silver.  These are then hand filled and finished with glow in the dark resin by myself here at Earth Chunks.

Green : 12+ Hours
Aqua : 12+ Hours
Blue : 8+ Hours
UV Purple : 6+ Hours
White: 3+ Hours
Orange : 30 Minutes
Red : 15 Minutes
Green is by far the brightest followed by Aqua then Blue and then purple followed by white orange and red.  The UV Purple, White, and Red need a very strong source of Ultraviolet light, from either the sun, a good blacklight or a UV LED Flashlight to charge sufficiently.  Purple WILL NOT charge with some flashlights.

This is one of my favorite rings to date. 

This is a custom hand finished item and takes many hours of work between both Derek and myself to complete.  Please allow up to five weeks for delivery.


These bands unfortunately CANNOT be sized down or up SO it is very important to get sized correctly!  If you need help deciding the best size I suggest you visit a local jeweler to help ensure we get the correct fit.  Please select the ring WIDTH from the list above and put the RING SIZE in the checkout notes, we offer ANY size 1-16 including half quarter and eighth sizes.  So you can order a "12.15" or a "5.85" for that absolutely perfect fit ring size.

This ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty, this includes free refinishing for life, just pay shipping.
No Hassle Guaranteed.