Fordite Guitar Plectrum SET!

 Fordite is a unique material that is created by "mining" the walls, floors, and stands of automotive paint booths.  I would assume it started from a Ford factory but has since branched out into multiple type of "Motor Agate".  Our material in particular was procured from a company called Hawks Nest Customs.

This is a set of two genuine Fordite guitar picks and each will be 100% unique in final patterns and colors. I let the material speak to me while I shape and sand for what I think will be the most amazing final piece!  You'll just have to trust me!

Each plectrum is shaped by hand then carefully wet sanded and polished to perfection.  These plectrums have the full Lifetime Warranty that covers repair, refinishing and replacement of scratched or broken picks.

You'll notice the dropdown box that offers the hole in the plectrum to facilitate a cord for pendant wearing.  This hole will NOT effect the strength or integrity of the plectrum in any way and actually creates a better grip in our customers opinion. If you only want a hole in one, please let me know in the shopping cart notes!!

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