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EarthWax Ring Seal Tropical and Unscented Versions

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EarthWax is made from all natural and food grade materials.


SIZE: 10ml BPA Free jar

I have something special from the Earth Chunks team, we're calling it EarthWax ring seal. After years of questions about continuing ring maintenance, outside of the Lifetime Warranty we offer, I decided to create EarthWax. I have tinkered with 2 specific formulas and I finally decided its time to offer them to you. Both are able to handle pretty much any exotic ring material out there. Currently we have a tropical coconut scented version and an unscented organic beeswax version. All that's required is warming the ring and jar in direct sunlight to help with adhesion and soften the wax. You can roll or scrape the ring in the wax then massage it a bit and wipe with a dry cloth, boom, you're good to go. Where the wax does best is helping protect superconductor and copper but it also works well to polish bands containing wood, carbonfiber and acrylic. 

Two versions of our EarthWax Ring Seal are available currently, shipping will start June 26th.


If you have purchased a superconductor ring from us in the past and have not received your free jar, please email earthchunks@gmail.com or use the contact form on the website and we will get yours out immediately.

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