Full Filament Superconductor Band Size 7.75

Superconductor Band - Full Filament with unique concave shape.

Size: 7.75 US  Width: 8.7mm 

Comes with handmade leather pouch, Certificate of Authenticity, care instructions, and EarthWax Ring Seal.

Pure 1500 Filament Copper Niobium Superconductor 

This ring CANNOT be resized and is sold as is in the size above.

Pure Superconductor

The industrial turned beautiful, these rings offer a unique style unmatched by other more common jewelry materials. Finding its origins in particle accelerators and MRI machines, this unique blend of niobium and titanium forms an almost organic looking structure when worked into a ring. Etching and polishing leaves a mesmerizing finish which demands attention. 


This ring comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty, this includes free refinishing for life, just pay shipping.  
No Hassle Guaranteed.

Collections: Ring Sizes 5 - 7 US

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