CarbonChunk OG Stacker

Pure unadulterated Carbon Fiber, the ultimate stacked ring for high style and high performance!  Stackers are the same as other rings but with thinner width so they can be paired up with another ring on the same finger.


Don't let the price fool you, these little bands are prepped and started by apprentice ring makers then finished to size by a Master Chunk ring maker.  They pass the same inspections and carry the same Lifetime Warranty as any and every Earth Chunks piece.  The CarbonChunk Stacker is extremely strong and durable while being extremely lightweight and comfortable.  Made from material created specifically for jewelry use by a master carbon fiber maker.

This band is available in 0.15" and  0.25" widths.


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Sizing Information

Ring Sizing

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Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug. Getting sized at a jeweler or with a "wide band" sizer will help you decide the best route.
If you need help deciding the best size, I suggest you order our sizer above or visit a local jeweler for sizing 

Soap Sizes Vary, Pricing based on weight.