WorryChunk in Superconductor

Melt those worries away with this exotic pocket trinket created from real Superconductor.  This rare material is a combination of Titanium and Niobium filaments suspended in a copper matrix.  Most often Superconductor is found in Particle Accelerators and MRI machines or anything requiring zero resistance wiring.   The edges of the standard coin are given a fine hammer finish with no less than six hundred individual strikes for an incredible texture experience.  The reverse etch coins will have a smooth edge with no hammer finish unless requested.  


Dimensions: 1" Diameter with the thicknesses varying around 0.25" or 6mm.  We are happy to make it thinner, just let us know.

Inscription Options, please keep in mind these are hand finished and hand stamped therefore they will NOT be perfect but awesomely authentic.
This coin can be stamped around the edges with up to 32 letters including spaces in all capital letters only.  This option is not required, for questions please contact me.
This coin comes with the full Earth Chunks Lifetime Warranty as well as free polishing for life, just pay shipping.

This coin is shipped in a handmade leather pouch with the EC logo, nothing fancy, just something personal from me to you.  If you would like to skip the leather please let me know in the checkout notes or in an email.  Leather pouches from Proper Gentleman COMING SOON!

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