Seems like I spent years looking for a good bar soap that wasn't some crazy floral fruitiness or made me smell like a high school kid trying to hide BO.   After years of trying out different makers, I finally found one that fit the bill so I decided to start selling it!  After testing almost every scent/style they have, we finally decided on these nine flavors (don' eat it, this is soap not tide pods stupid).

What you will find in this section is NO nonsense soap, NO unreadable ingredients, NO crazy detergents, just plain old soap like they've made for hundreds of years.  Each bar will have the ingredients plainly listed in the description and on the package so you know exactly what you are putting on your body.

Plus, by using bar soap you are skipping the single use plastic bottles and our packaging materials are 100% natural and biodegradable. All of which is good for the Earth and all of its Chunks!  

Sizing Information

Ring Sizing

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Wider bands will generally fit a bit more snug. Getting sized at a jeweler or with a "wide band" sizer will help you decide the best route.
If you need help deciding the best size, I suggest you order our sizer above or visit a local jeweler for sizing 

Soap Sizes Vary, Pricing based on weight.