NanoChunk Coating

NanoChunk Coating

February 05, 2018

For starters, its most definitly NOT paint or photoshop or some other form of lame trickery, this is the real deal.  By searching continuously for years I have finally managed to safely and effectively protect superconductors copper from ever touching your skin..... or your skin ruining perfectly beautiful copper... who's to say...  Sooo, while not altering the rings natural copper beauty I can cover it with a super hard completely impermeable skin, yes the photo is of a red version but clear just didn't drive home the "coating" part..  


We are calling it the NanoChunk coating and it can be applied to any of the metallic rings we offer.  The application uses high electrical currents to fuse Nano Ceramic particles to the surface of the ring, science stuff....  The coating is only a few microns thick and ceramic based it results in an extremely hard, hypo-allergenic, and permanently sealed finish.   Best of all, we offer color options like the Blood Red you see in the photo.  A few more tweaks are needed but we feel confident this special upgrade will become available very soon to past as well as future customers.

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